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    New Year Hot Sale
 Jan. 5 ~ 15, 2020

Contact: Mr. Eric (Sales Manager )
Tel: 151 0596 4602
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: No.38, Guan Ri Rd, Software Park, Xiamen 361000, CN
Skype: legend.medical


   Click "buy now" to submit order. (The button is at the bottom of each product webpage)

   You will receive an invoice from paypal.

   Pay the invoice by paypal (Paypal accept creditcard)

   Product delivery.

After delivery,we will send you an AirWay Bill Number,so you can follow the status exactly.Our shipping agent will clear custom for you.Door-to-door shipping,so just stay at home and sign the parcel.

There are 3 different payment methods for your selection. Just choose the one to be of your most convenience.
#1. PayPal / Credditcard -  Paypal accept Visa,Master,JCB etc.
#2. Wire Transfer. 
#3. Western Union:  
The payment via western union online is very simple and convenient. Please kindly check their guidance. 

1. Worldwide delivery

Yes,we ship to worldwide by DHL/FEDEX/UPS,large order by ocean. 

2. Shipping cost

Different countries,the shipping cost is different. We are a worldwide supplier and we have been long term working with the best shipping companies and we can get the largest discount from them. If the item is marked as FREE SHIPPING,yes,it will be free shipping to your country and no shipping freight required,the others not marked as FREE SHIPPING,please contact us to get the freight.

3. Delivery time
Usually 6-10 days door to door by DHL.

4. Tracking products.
After delivery,we will send you a tracking number,with it,you can follow the status of your product.

Additional Cost
1. Custom Duty:  Most products will be written as FREE GIFTS  or just very little value in the invoice,so you don't have to pay or pay very little custom duty. 

2. Handling fees: We do not charge handling fees.
3. No any other taxes or fees required.

We have service centers and long term working medical service companies in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, NEW ZEALAND, MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, UAE, MEXICO, and there will be more in the near future.

products have long warranty. It ranges from 1- 7 years based on different products. All parts can be replaced for free in warranty.  Customers only need to pay the shipping cost.  The parts are always in stock and can be sent out immediately when necessary.


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