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Limited Time Offer
                May. 20 ~ 30, 2020

Contact: Mr. Eric (Sales Manager )
Tel: 151 0596 4602
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: No.38, Guan Ri Rd, Software Park, Xiamen 361000, CN
Skype: legend.medical

Company Structure

Sales & Marketing Division

Sales/Marketing activities and strategies result in making products and services available to our customers to satisfy their needs. These

activities and strategies allow Legend Medical to continue to do business inorder to meet the needs of current and future customers. Sales &marketing in Legend Medical  is a creative, ever-changing progression of all the activities needed to maintain balance between our customers and our business objectives.

Quality Assurance Division

This division is responsible for implementing and monitoring quality.Quality assurance at Legend Medical Solutions starts with understanding the customers' and market requirements and standards. Quality assurance continues till the customer is completely satisfied with the products & services. We work hard to enhance internal procedures which ensure that our products and services are designed and produced tomeet or supersede customer requirements and expectations.

Distribution Division

The distribution division is a full-service inventory management and distribution facility established to facilitated Legend Medical  partners and offices worldwide.

Production Division

Production division is responsible for Legend Medical  products manufacturing,delivery and logistics in China and across the globe.


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