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Customer Reviews
Thanks for our customers supports. It is your trust that make us do better and better.  The following are some of our customers' feedbacks, just for reference.




" The machine works well with my 90 years father who suffered from pulmonary fibrosis. It is very quietd and good for sleeping. I will recommend it to all. " --- Hilma, Canada.
" My nephew in the U.S sent surprise message to me that he has received the machine. Wow, it was so fast delivery. His father has chronic fatigue,and he feels it works perfect for him. " --- Marx, Canada
" The portable oxygen machine has made my life a lot easier being able to breathe without gasping or breathless."  --- Simon, Australia.
" We are so happy with your portable concentrator. No more hauling that tank around,afraid to go out of town for fear of not being able to get a refill. I can use it even when driving. Just love it. " --- Julia, United States.
" Machine arrived fastly. I purchased it for my mum,and want to tell you how delighted she is with it.
It has enabled her to "get out of Dodge" so to speak. She used in during the summer to go to Cape Cod, she used it later to visit my sister in Maryland.
The lovego portable concentrator changed her life. Really appreciated for your great product, good quality. " --- Perla, USA
" I couldn't walk more than ten feet without being short of breath. When i wear my portable oxygen generator i can walk around the block. Thank you very much.  " --- Robert, Canada.
" I recently was hospitalized with peumonka and comlications from that i need supplemental oxygen at home mainly when i am sleeping. This is portable enough for me to still do the things i want with my children( i am only 30 years old) i can still hang with my friends and dine out,it is working great. First time and hopefully last i will ever need supplemental oxygen. THANK YOU. "  --- Ginny, CANADA.
" It is my pleasure to let you know we are extremely happy with the LG102 POC that we bought from you. We since call it a "wonder" machine as it makes such a great difference to the ailing condition of my father. He is feeling so much better now with it. He actually said it is better/more comfortable than the oxygen tanks type that is costly and inconvenient. He is happy,and we are happy too. " ---  Allen, Malaysia
" The lovego G2 concentrator is powerful. My blood saturation went up to normal level after using it for 5 minutes. And it improved my symptoms of emphysema obviously. I am very happy with it and have recommended to my friends. " --- Linda, USA
" The lovego G2 has allowed me to continue to pursue all my passions of life because i can travel and play golf, hunt and fish anywhere in the world that has power or a generator.
I have to use it when i sleep and on exertion such as fightng a large Tarpon. Again thanks for helping me enjoy the quality of life i could not have has without the love oxygen concentrator. " --- Julia, USA
"A great product" I can now go. No more oxygen bottles to lift in and out of car.
I now just take my small unit. with lovego i can go anywhere i want to go. Also when i travel i just plug it into the cigar lighter. what a blessing. No bottles take with me. --- Reva, UK
" My grandma is doing great with the lovego portable concentrator. She is regaining her joy of going out with her daughters and they had no trouble learning to use the machine.
It's great. Service was great during purchasing and shipping was very expedite.It's been a great experience. "  --- Laura, United States.

" I was gifted the legend poc by a very good friend who didn't want my condition to slow me down any. I had a lung lobe removed last May due to cancer. I had a very stubborn air leak after the surgery and was in the hospital for 6 weeks. I can assure you that I was the most popular kid on the thoracic surgery floor as I was the only one with this little unit which allowed me to walk without having to wait for the nurses to hook up my oxygen. After I left the hospital, I was back in my classroom teaching and having dinner out with family and friends." -- Janice D.
" My daughter bought me a legend portable oxy concentrator for Mother's Day and I really fell in love with it. BUT... the greatest thing is that I can go places now! We just came home from a week long trip to Yellowstone and the area. That little concentrator went almost 24 hours a day the whole time and never had one problem with it." -- Mark C.
" I love this quiet little machine. It takes up so little room, is easy to travel with and does the job of supplying me with oxygen at night while I sleep. Great product with mobility for user. I definitely feel better and am sleeping better." -- Tom, Australia

" I love the freedom that I have with the G2. I was always a very active person and being confined mostly at home with what I had made me more depressed.I can now go and do almost anything, so I feel like my self again. Yea! I am so glad for this equipment that is so easy to use. Thank you for continuing to develop improvements and providing things that help me be independent."  -- Robyn R.

" Our POC Oxygen has made my father's life so much more independent and this makes us all so happy. Steve (my dad) got to go to church for the first time in months since getting this portable machine in last week.  Thank you for making such a convenient unit for my daddy to use and keep his independence daily! " -- Roger

" I am Very satisfied with my portable and plug in concentrators. The portable allows me to continue to do the work I enjoy, go on walks and light exercise. The plug in is quiet and so light weight. It easily travels with me to visit family and go on fun trips with my husband. I am so Thankful! " -- DANNY L.

" The convenient car charger is a huge help traveling. A suggestion to new buyers would be to buy two batteries. The first thing I did was buy 2additional batteries and a battery charger. I rotate the battery charging with 1 in the charger. One I the machine being used and charged on a home wall plug or my cigarette lighter. The 3 rd is always full and ready to go, it’s terrific. " -- Eva W.

" This had changed my life completely. I have back problems and carrying tanks took a toll on my back. Now I have more freedom to to enjoy outings with family and friends. Love my Lovego portable concentrator. " -- Magle

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