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Top 10 Portable Oxygen Concentrators Reviews & Comparison


Oxygen is what keeps us alive. The human respiratory system can efficiently obtain oxygen from the surroundings when at optimum health. That is not always the case, there are certain conditions that result in low oxygen levels in the body. Without proper help at this time of need, someone could lose his or her life. That is where oxygen concentrators come in.

Thankfully, oxygen concentrators also called oxygen generators to have the power to restore your oxygen levels back to normal. They are medical electric or battery-powered devices used for delivering oxygen to the people that require it (under prescription).

It works by taking air from its surroundings and purifying it. Today, most of them are portable different from previous ones. Finding the best oxygen concentrators can be time-consuming, expensive and blind because mostly you are not aware of what to look into from various types.

Therefore, I gladly take you through the best 10 oxygen concentrators’ reviews so as to make it easy for you to make a good choice in consideration of what you exactly need.  This will help you know what to pinpoint as the right oxygen concentrators for your situation.


1.Airsep Focus

Weighing in at only 1.75 pounds, the Airsep Focus portable oxygen concentrator is among the lightest and most wearable POCs on the market today. The product is approved for use on airplanes by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and can be easily be strapped to a belt or worn with the handy shoulder strap. 

+ The world’s lightest portable oxygen
+ Battery can be up to 3 hours
+ Compared with other brands,the price is not high.
+ FAA approved

- Only pulse flow, without continuous flow. 
- The max. Flow is only 0.3LPM. It may not meet most users oxygen demands.
- It runs only from battery.

2.Inogen One G3

Manufactured by Inogen, the Inogen One G3 system is one of the lightest and smallest portable concentrators on the market weighing 5.25 pounds (including the standard battery and carry case). The design allows the freedom and independence that are missing with traditional devices. This portable concentrator can be used for stationary or portable oxygen for traveling. The Inogen G3 Concentrator can be powered from three separate power sources: a rechargeable lithium ion battery, AC power, or DC power.

+ Very small and lightweight, only 5.25 pounds
+ 3 Power sources,runs from battery, AC power, DC power
+ Audible alarms for low oxygen purity, no breath activity, high breath rate, no flow, low battery, and depleted battery
+ The battery can be up to 4.5 hours.

- Only pulse flow, without continuous flow mode
- The max. Flow is only 0.84 LPM (Liter per minute),which can not meet many patients’ oxygen demands.
- The price may be high for many patients.

3.DeVilbiss iGo

DeVilbiss iGo is one of the portablte oxygen concentrator that can deliver oxygen with both continuous flow or pulse dose. It can provide high flow oxygen up to 6LPM(pulse mode), and the battery lasts up to 4.7 hours. DeVilbiss iGo can run of AC power, DC power (automobile battery) or by rechargeable battery. For peace of mind, the concentrator automatically switches to battery power in the event of a power interruption, meaning it's ready to go wherever the road takes you!

+ Provide pulse & continuous oxygen delivery.
+ Provide large oxygen flow(max.3lpm at continuous,and 6lpm at pulse)
+ Long last battery (max. 4.7 hours)

- Too heavy in weight (25 pounds with trolley and battery),not convenient for the aged.
- The price is over US$3000,and not medicare covered which is high for many people.
- The size is a little large and not fit for carrying in shoulder.

4.Philips SimplyGo

In the past, one of the most limiting aspects of POCs was that they were only available in a pulse-dose setting. No longer. Weighing in only 10 pounds, the SimplyGo by Phillips is one of the lightest POC to offer both continuous-flow and pulse-dose delivery. In addition to the pulse and continuous flow mode, the SimplyGo has a Sleep Mode. The Sleep Mode is similar to the Pulse Mode but has a more sensitive triggering level and delivers a softer, more comfortable pulse for sleeping. If no breath is detected for a period of time, the SimplyGo system automatically delivers a continuous flow of oxygen at a rate consistent with the last used continuous flowmode setting.

+ pulse & continuious flow and sleep mode delivery. 
+ Continuous flow can be up to 2LPM
+ 10 pounds lightweight

- The battery lasts only 0.7 hour at continuous flow mode. 
- The price is high at its class

5. Legend LoveGo G2

LoveGo G2, due to its excenllent performance and competitive pricing, is one of the best selling portable oxygen concentrators over all in the market. LoveGo G2 is one of the lightest POC that can provide both pulse & continuous flow just like Philip SimplyGo does,but the flowrate and battery life performs much better. The max. Continuous flow is about 2LPM, but it has a patent oxygen capsule,and with it, the machine can provide oxygen equals to 5LPM. Besides, the battery can last up to 2 hours at any flow setting while Philip SimpleGo lasts only 0.7 hour at constant flow.

+ Both pulse & continuous flow
+ The max. Oxygen flow equals to 5LPM with the patent oxygen capsule,which can meet most patients’ oxygen therapy demands.
+ Audible alarms for Low oxygen purity, high temperature, low battery etc.
+ Lightest weight among all continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators.
+ The battery life is much higher than other models in continuous flow setting.
+ Designed with a humidifier, so users will not feel dry and uncomfortable after long time use,otherwiese nose and throat are easy to be dry.
+ The price is very competitive and affordable.

- One battery lasts about 2 hours at any setting,but if it can last longer,that will be better for users.
- There is no cooling mesh on the bag, which is not good for heat dissipation of battery.

6. SeQual Eclipse 5

The Eclipse 5 is a portable oxygen machine that sleekly and deftly replaces the Eclipse 3. The Eclipse 5 Basic Bundle includes a 3-liter portable oxygen machine that can charge from a DC power source such as a car, boat or recreational vehicle while simultaneously delivering oxygen. The Sequal Eclipse 5 is designed with both a continuous flow oxygen output option as well as a pulse volume option. The continuous flow option provides doses from 0.5 to 3.0 liters per minute (LPM), which allows users more flexibility for patients to participate in daily activities and to maintain their active lifestyle. It weighs 18.4 pounds having its battery installed, and its measurements are 12.3”W× 7.1” D × 19.3”H.

+ The SeQual Eclipse oxygen concentrator comes with a wheeled traveling cart making traveling with it easier and comfortable.
+ Its battery duration reliable with the pulse flow is up to 5.1 hours and 2 hours for the continuous flow.
+ The Eclipse Five control panel provides a display of either mL or LPM allowing for a more accurate prescription dosage.
+ In the pulse mode, if an inspiratory effort is not sensed by the oxygen machine, the oxygen concentrator will deliver a continuous flow of oxygen.

- The eclipse oxygen concentrator weighs 18.5 pounds. With this weight, it is too much for a portable unit. It makes it cumbersome for some trips.
- It is loud. The continuous flow setting is even louder at 48 decibels. This contractor can be noticeable in a quiet setting.

7.Lifechoice ActivOx

It is a 5lbs oxygen concentrator with a 1-4 flow setting measured 7.87” height, 4.38” width and 9.05” length. It offers oxygen output for 8 hours and can be charged by an AC or DC power supply. In its package, it has an AC and DC power supply for charging at home and on the go respectively. Along with that, it has a 4-way carrying case, an accessory bag, tubing-standard 7-foot nasal cannula and a manual.

+ It has a customizable carrying case. It allows you to use it hands-free, waist pack, backpack or as a shoulder bag.
+ It is mobile and travel-friendly, unlike industry standard oxygen tanks.
+ Very small and lightweight, only 5 pounds

- Available only with pulse flow,and the max flow is 0.8Lpm

8.GCE Zen-O

The small and lightweight design makes it easy to bring virtually anywhere you go and it’s equipped with technology that automatically adjusts to your breathing rate. Whether you’re exercising, having a bad breathing day, or dealing with other respiratory difficulties the Zen-O automatically increases the volume of oxygen delivered every minute in response to your needs. Not to mention, it comes with a custom carrying case and a wheeled travel cart giving you the ability to choose how to transport your concentrator.

+ It is very quiet. Because of that, you would not have to worry about being disruptive when in public areas that need some silence such as in class or at a movie theater.
+ It is small in size removing restrictions of complicated oxygen tanks and giving you freedom. On measurements, it is 9.25”H × 9.8” W × 3.8” D.
+ Its package has a carrying case which makes movements with it comfortable.

- Without low purity alarms
- It has a limited oxygen flow. Due to its small compressor and motor, its supply is limited unlike other portable oxygen concentrators with larger ones.
- When using the setting with a continuous flow, the machine tends to run consistently. This causes the battery life to be shorter unlike with pulse flow.

9.Oxlife Independence

This is a durable oxygen concentrator equipped with an integrated travel cart. It has a brand new Dynamic Network Analysis ( DNA) technology recently released. With this technology, there is a connection to a private network that communicates with a user’s caregiver and provides very helpful information. The information can be whether you are using the concentrator on the right oxygen setting, for how long it is used daily or information about your breath rate. It also communicates any relevant and vital information that may need quick access in order to fix a problem. Altogether, it facilitates your treatment plan and informs you of any required changes.

+ It is compatible. This is assisted by the CPAP and BiPAP machines. These machines assist in using the concentrator during night hours for oxygen delivery in any time of need.
+ It can offer an all-time oxygen supply. It does so when plugged in the AC or DC power supply. Because of that, it is the best choice for your nighttime supply.
+ It can operate using two batteries. This makes its oxygen supply really long.

- It is not light. The Oxlife Independent with DNA technology weighs over 16 bounds and above 20 pounds with two batteries because of having a large compressor. In some cases, moving with it from place to place may be hard.  

10. Legend LoveGo G3

This is the newest high flow portable oxygen concentrator in 2019. Legend LoveGo G3 portable oxygen concentrator designed with both pulse & continuous flow. The continuous flow is 2.5Lpm,but with the patent nasal respirator, the continuous flow can be up to 5Lpm,and the pulse flow has 7 settings equivalment to 4.5Lpm. Till now, Legend LoveGo G3 is the one that can provide highest oxygen flow in the market. It is absolutely the first choice for those who need high flow oxygen delivery.

Besides, the battery also lasts long, 5hours at 1LPM continuous, and 6 hours at 2LPM pulse mode,which is perfect for travel.
The foldable trolley integrated with the machine makes it very convenient in moving. 

+ Large oxygen flow(0-5LPM) can meet a wide range of oxygen demands
+ The longer the battery life, the more freedom you have. With the Legend LoveGo G3 POC you are getting the unit with the best battery life in its class,ideal for Active Patients.
+ The control panel is equipped with large buttons and an easy-to-read LCD display. Each button is clearly labeled with its operation so there isn’t any confusion when setting your concentrator up. The large LCD screen displays vital information like battery level, oxygen concentration, oxygen flow setting, working time, and low purity alarms etc.
+ The price is really very competitive. You can compare it from any specs(weight, flow, battery) with any other types at its same class, and you will find it is almost unparalleled. LEGEND LoveGo adopts M2C(Munufacturer To Customers) sales mode, without multi-layer distributions, which makes it be able to offer the end-users the most competitve prices.
+ Weighing 14 pounds is relatively very lightweight,because most others that can deliver over 3LPM continuous flow are over 20 pounds.

- As it is a trolley integrated design, it doesn’t come with carry bag,so you can not carry it in shoulder like other types.

Oxygen is vital to life,especially for patients who suffered from COPDs. A portable oxygen concentrator can help users regain freedom and confidence,so choose a right portable oxygen concentrator that is fit for you is important. When you decide to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator, you should consider the flowrate, oxygen concentration, battery duration, weight, quality etc. There is no best portable oxygen concentrator,but only the most suitable one. Before ordering a portable oxygen concentrator, it is better to consult for your doctor about what oxygen flow is best for you.


An Enthusiastic Canada client (Terry Spicer, Ontario, Canada.) shared his unbiased review to us on 1/17/2019. Hope his experience can help more clients make decision easier.

Therapist used Eclipse 5 for test.  My review of Eclipse 5 VS Lovego LG103
1.  Unit is larger dimensions than LG103, and heavy at almost 20Lbs with battery installed vs LG103 14Lbs.
2.  Battery is 3.4Lbs vs LG103 1.5Lbs
3.  Battery is located at bottom of unit. Patient must go to floor level on knees to change battery if not able to lift  20LBS onto higher level surface. Not good!

LG103 battery is located at top back of unit. Simply slide in and connect power cord to input. Excellent ergonomics!

4. The Eclipse 5 does have higher bolus outputs of 128 ML, 160 ML and 192 ML. Problem is at these settings Eclipse 5 specifications state battery duration is only 2.5 Hrs at 128 ML 2.0 Hrs at 160 ML & 1.7 Hrs at 192 ML. vs LG103 specifications of 3.5 Hrs at 120 ML. The LG103 has substantially greater battery duration of 40% at 120 ML. To be fair the Eclipse 5 does have virtually the same battery duration at 4 pulse flow settings in their specification data which are very close to the LG103. However the LG103 has superior battery duration above or below these 4 pulse flow settings. In continuous mode of operation the LG103 specs-out at longer battery duration for all settings up to 2.5LPM. Note*Eclipse 5 max is 3.0LPM 

Conclusion & Expectations: In my opinion the Lovego LG103 I just purchased has more favorable attributes than the Eclipse 5. I also compared the Oxlife Independence and came to the same conclusion based on their owners manual specifications.

My expectations are the LG103 will perform as tested and the quality is in the product. The manufacturer has been manufacturing POCs since 2013 and the LG103 is the Third Generation launched in 2018. I have not seen one negative review or complaint for Lovego products or their service. I have also been assured by the manufacturer service is available here in Ontario, Canada.

Regarding the price of the LG103  as compared to the USA manufactured Eclipse 5 and Oxlife Independence, the Eclipse and Oxlife  are double the price. I always try to support a Canadian or USA manufacturer or distributor but in this case taking all of the above into account the Lovego LG103 is an investment of exceptional quality and value. I have spent many hours of research on POCs and the companies manufacturing them. The LG103 has all the bases covered!! 

Regards: Terry Spicer, Ontario, Canada.     

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