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     20th ANNV. SALE

          July 10 ~ 20, 2019

Contact: Mr. Eric (Sales Manager )
Tel: +86 151 0596 4602
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: No.38, Guan Ri Rd, Software Park, Xiamen 361000, CN
Skype: legend.medical


Air Filter for K3BW

Air Filter for K3BW
Retail Price:$25 Promo. Price:15$           

This particle filter help to provides you with clean oxygen and it can also reduce your allergy symptoms. The replacement filter is Eco-friendly protects the air intake screens and helps keep dust mites, pollen and other contaminants away from the air intake vents. Maintaining an effective particle filter will also help to extend the life of the oxygen concentrator unit by keeping it free of unwanted particles. Includes one filter.
Regular washing and replacement of damaged filters will help to maximize this. The particle filter is also low-maintenance - washing once a week is usually sufficient cleaning. Additionally, removing and replacing the filters is a simple process. 

  • Product Features Removable, washable and reusable
  • Protects against air born particles
  • Extends unit lifespan
  • Dimensions 1" Wide x 1.75" Long
  • Product Weight 6 ounces
  • FAA Approved Yes
  • Manufacturer LEGEND MEDICAL
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