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BY-AC09-Silvery AutoSet CPAP Machine With Nasal Mask And Heated Humidifier For Anti Snoring Patient's Therapy

BY-AC09-Silvery AutoSet CPAP Machine With Nasal Mask And Heated Humidifier For Anti Snoring Patient's Therapy
Retail Price:$476 Sale Price:$318           

CPAP Types

Fixed Pressure CPAP: With a manual setting CPAP machine you have the choice to set pressure responses for your own needs. These machines are traditionally the least expensive, but work just as hard to do their job well.

Auto Adjusting CPAP: These machines have an automatic pressure adjusting system that is catered to your personal sleep needs. They are often regarded as much more comfortable than traditional fixed pressure CPAP machines and offer unsurpassed benefit for those suffering from sleep apnea.

BiPAP Machine: Elaborate therapy is provided by BiPAP sleep apnea machines. Having two-pressure settings, one for inhalation and the other one for exhalation, BiPAP utilize advanced technologies to maximize your CPAP therapy satisfaction.


Auto CPAP BY-Dreamy-AC09 for Exceptional Sleep Apnea Therapy
With improved comfort and performance features, the BY-Dreamy-AC09 is an advanced auto CPAP for all of your sleep apnea therapy needs. Using the System One Flex Technology, the AutoCPAP will deliver the lowest amount of pressure that you need while undergoing sleep apnea therapy. Resistance control will automatically adjust pressure differently for every CPAP mask to ensure that you are receiving a consistent pressure level that is reliable, comfortable, and effective.
Flex Family Technology
With three levels of relief, C-Flex technology will provide optimal CPAP therapy at the lowest amount of pressure. You will receive effective sleep apnea therapy without pressure and discomfort. During exhalation, the AutoCPAP AC09 will lower pressure, which will help with comfort and allow for you to sleep uninterrupted during CPAP therapy. C-Flex will monitor each breath and lower the pressure on a breath by breath basis, returning to normal pressure settings upon inhale.
Heated Humidifier
BY-Dreamy-AC09 humidifiers were designed to be a comfort feature, helping deliver consistent temperature toward your mask, reducing rainout and excess moisture even in the most extreme climates. The Humidifier has three levels of humidity that allow for you to choose your perfect setting, or change, on a daily basis to counteract the temperature changes. The optional heated tubing has five different temperature levels, from four degrees to sixteen degrees, which will deliver a constant temperature from the tube to your mask. Heated tubing can reduce or eliminate the moisture in your tube and mask area, which will reduce the effect known as “rainout” during CPAP therapy. Rainout can cause discomfort, most notably a dry nasal passage or a sore throat after use.
Ergonomic Design
The BY-Dreamy-AC09 serie was given a modern look, with an LCD display and controls that are easier to use so you can change your settings quickly. The look, feel, and display of the CPAP was all designed to make the CPAP user friendly for first time users or those who have had the experience of working with difficult machines in the past. 
Sleep Data and Event Detection
Your information, including apnea data, leak information, flow limitations, snores, and your seven and thirty day average pressure settings are all stored and readable on your LCD display. An SD memory card comes with the purchase of your machine which allows for you to save the information on your personal home pc or easily share your information with your healthcare provider and physician.
Key Features
✔ Flex Family Technology - 3 levels of pressure relief for maximum comfort and effective therapy 
✔ Humidification - Delivers consistent temperature reducing rainout and excess moisture 
✔ Ergonomic Design - Designed with a modern look, clear LCD screen, and hassle free menu for maximum usability 
✔ Sleep Data and Event Detection - Gathers a wide range of sleep metrics including leak information, flow limitations, and more 
✔ Ramp Feature - Starts pressure at lower levels and gently increases pressure to prescribed levels over a 45min duration in 5min increments 
✔ Automatic Altitude Adjustment - Adjusts pressure automatically despite varying altitude levels, providing consistent pressure 
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Customer Testimonials:

Hi, I was suffering from sleep apnea since the machine broke down after 9 years use.After getting the new machine which I needed desperately,I sleep 8- 9 hours regularly. Thanks a lot.

                                                                                                      --- Steve, NSW, Australia

After using my trusty Respironics for more than 15 years and after 17800 hours of use (I only had to replace it because the cover broke due to a fall during my last vacation), I had several doubts about what model we'll be my next CPAP. Finally, I decided for this one. I can say that this machine is a worthy successor. Easy to program, very quiet to the delight of my wife.This is the best machine I have had.

                                                                                                      --- Stephen, FL,USA



Have only had for a week but very satisfied. Quieter than previous machine and the auto-adjust seems to be a nice addition to an improved nights sleep.


                                                                                                      --- James, OH, USA


I have seen positive results after only the first few days. The equipment is great and cost much less than I found locally.

                                                                                                      --- Donald, Ms,USA



Quit and very adjustable to get a great night's sleep. Fairly small footprint on my side table, and very easy to setup and use. When my older REMStar quit, I needed a replacement machine. The humidifier works beautifully and the blower is quiet. This machine is absolutely great and meets my needs exactly.


                                                                                                      --- Jeffrey, Singapore


Its a miracle. I have obstructive sleep apnea and was snoring and not breathing at the same time. This machine COMPLETELY stopped it and I have so much energy now its ridiculous. My wife and I cannot here this machine.....in fact I am afraid its not on half of the time because it is so quiet. This thing is a game changer....period

                                                                                                       --- Leiny, Canada

Getting really great sleep from day 1. My older model had a beep for on and off and lit up which wasn't needed. This has new features like pre-warming and mask leak test. It's comfortable, more secure, quieter and more affordable.

                                                                                                      --- Maxine, CA,USA



This is an excellent cpap, especially if you get the heated tube humidifier. The price was great. My local supplier wanted 1000.00 for the same model. 


                                                                                                      ---William, South Africa


I have been using a 5 year old 60 series. This new machine is so much better. It controls how much air I get. I have not had to turn the air down once. The old machine I was always waking up because the air would blown through my full face mask. I would recommend this machine to anyone. Very quite machine.


                                                                                                      --- Ester, Israel

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