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BY-C02-Grey Portable CPAP Machine Ventilator for Sleep Apnea OSAHS OSAS Snoring People W/ Nasal Mask/Headgear/Tube/Bag

BY-C02-Grey Portable CPAP Machine Ventilator for Sleep Apnea OSAHS OSAS Snoring People W/ Nasal Mask/Headgear/Tube/Bag
Retail Price:$377 Sale Price:$259           


CPAP Types

Fixed Pressure CPAP: With a manual setting CPAP machine you have the choice to set pressure responses for your own needs. These machines are traditionally the least expensive, but work just as hard to do their job well.

Auto Adjusting CPAP: These machines have an automatic pressure adjusting system that is catered to your personal sleep needs. They are often regarded as much more comfortable than traditional fixed pressure CPAP machines and offer unsurpassed benefit for those suffering from sleep apnea.

BiPAP Machine: Elaborate therapy is provided by BiPAP sleep apnea machines. Having two-pressure settings, one for inhalation and the other one for exhalation, BiPAP utilize advanced technologies to maximize your CPAP therapy satisfaction.


Affordable Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine
The BY-Dreamy-C02 comes with a heated humidifier and is a high performance CPAP machine. The BY-Dreamy-C02 delivers a great night of therapy by monitoring each of your breaths, and adjusting pressure depending upon your respiratory cycle and the incidence of apneas. The system comes with a humidification system that will help you fall and stay asleep throughout the night, and with an enhanced data collection service, the BY-Dreamy-C02 truly has all of your needs covered in one small, lightweight, and affordable product.
Expiratory Pressure Relief
EPR is designed to reduce pressure at the inception of each breath to keep the pressure low throughout exhalation. EPR is able to reduce pressure by an exact reduction of 1, 2, and 3 centimeters of water pressure. The  BY-Dreamy-C02 with EPR is able to progressively alter pressure so there is little ventilatory effect. Event Detection Circuit is able to detect when a disordered breathing event goes longer than 10 seconds, and responds by stopping EPR until the conclusion of the event. Once normal breathing is resumed EPR will pick up and continue to provide pressure relief. EPR also actively works with Easy-Breathe technology to enable you to customize your RAMP feature. You can set the  BY-Dreamy-C02  to EPR RAMP ONLY mode in order to ensure a comfortable experience and to assist in the improvement of compliance. Due to the fact you will be more aware of pressure changes as you fall asleep, you can rest easier knowing pressure relief during the ramp period creates a natural process.

EPR with Easy-Breathe Technology
Easy-Breathe monitors your breathing pattern to soften the breathing cycle during your CPAP therapy. In conjunction with EPR, Easy-Breathe synchronizes your inspiratory and expiratory cycle improving comfort during your CPAP therapy. A smoother and more natural pressure delivery significantly reduces the noise generated from the motor during operation. The  BY-Dreamy-C02  is able to operate at 28dBA when set to 10cm of pressure at a distance of 1 meter with Easy-Breath technology. The overall reduction in noise from the motor means no more motor whining or noise through the CPAP tube.

The  BY-Dreamy-C02  heated humidifier is a great addition to your CPAP therapy. The humidifier comfortably warms the air you breathe for a relaxed respiratory cycle. Reduce your chances of getting nasal congestion or waking up with dry mouth or a sore throat with the  humidification control unit.

Ramp Technology
The Ramp Feature allows you to comfortably drift off to sleep by delaying the onset of full pressure. The ramp steadily increases pressure during the first forty-five minutes of your sleep apnea therapy, which lets you fall asleep more naturally.

SmartStart/SmartStop is able to accurately determine when you start or stop breathing into your mask, and will turn the  BY-Dreamy-C02  on or off accordingly.

Travel Friendly
The  BY-Dreamy-C02  itself weighs just a few pounds, and the humidifier is light and portable as well. The BY-Dreamy-C02  is one of the easiest every day CPAP machines to take on the road.

Data Storage
All of this data is accessible on a portable SD card, or can be viewed on the LCD screen.
Key Features
✔ Quiet CPAP Machine - Ultra quiet CPAP device produces minimal noise 
✔ Sleep Data and Event Detection - Gathers a wide range of sleep metrics including leak information, flow limitations, and more 
✔ Portable - Compact size and a weight of 2lbs with humidifier 
✔ Heated Humidifier- Reduces traditional CPAP irritations and actively manages humidification 
✔ Flex Technology - Adjust pressure based on breathing cycle to ensure comfort and compliance 
✔ Ramp Technology - Gently increases pressure to prescribed pressure over a duration of 60min.

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BY-C01- Silvery Portable CPAP Machine Ventilator for Sleep Apnea OSAHS OSAS Snoring People W/ Nasal Mask/Headgear/Tube/Bag
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