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5LPM Mini Home Oxygen Concentrator with Remote Control

5LPM Mini Home Oxygen Concentrator with Remote Control
Retail Price:$550 Sale Price:$425           


If you are considering oxygen therapy for your COPD or healthcare, think about how these health benefits could make your life better:

   1. Prolongs Life

Perhaps the most important reason for using long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) is that, in COPD patients with severe resting hypoxemia (low blood oxygen levels), it prolongs life when used at least 15 hours a day.In fact, average survival in COPD patients using LTOT at least 18 hours a day is two times longer than COPD patients who don’t use supplemental oxygen. If you’ve been prescribed supplemental oxygen, it’s important that you recognize when you’re not in compliance with your oxygen prescription and to discuss alternative oxygen delivery strategies with your health care provider.

   2. Decreases Breathlessness

Breathlessness is by far the most troubling symptom of COPD and contributes to everything from social isolation to lack of exercise. Supplemental oxygen has been found to reduce the level of breathlessness in patients with COPD and is associated with a reduced rate of breathing during exercise, as well.

   3. Improves Quality of Life

Oxygen therapy enhances quality of life by improving mood and sleep, increasing mental alertness and stamina and allowing you to carry out normal daily activities. It’s also associated with the prevention of heart failure in people with severe lung disease.

   4. Increases Exercise Capacity

People with COPD have poor exercise tolerance limiting their ability to perform physical activity. But exercise is one of the most important aspects of COPD treatment and has been linked to increased survival and improved quality of life in COPD. Using supplemental oxygen during exercise improves exercise endurance, heightens exercise performance and decreases the sensation of breathlessness during exercise allowing you to exercise longer at a higher intensity.

   5. Improves Sexual Performance

Erectile impotence is frequently encountered by male patients with COPD and hypoxia (low oxygen levels). One study showed that 42% of patients experienced reversal of sexual impotence after receiving LTOT for at least one month.

   6. Others

Improves sleep, if you're bothered by a breathing disorder during slumber.Elevates the body’s natural immune defenses to fight infection and bacteria. Slows cancer growth. etc.


 Fashionable design;
☆ Lightweight,only 5.8kg;
☆ Mini size;
☆ Anion function - purify your room air
☆ Embedded humidifier.
☆ The most advanced PSA technology;
☆ Adjustable Oxygen purity:30%@5L/min;40%@4L/min; 60%@3L/min; 70%@2L/min; 90%@1L
☆ Energy-saving and econimical:more than 5 hour's oxygen inhalation just need 1 degree electricity.
☆ Release 5,000,000 ions/cm3 density negative ions to make people feel fresh and comfortable. 
☆ Intelligent Control: Far infrared remote control/electronic flowmeter control.  


◆ Power :          ≤100 W
◆ Voltage:       100-240V, 50/60hz
◆ Size :           325×180×350(L×W×H)mm
◆ Weight :         5.8 kgs
◆ Outlet :           1
◆ Output Pressure : 0.04-0.06 MPa
◆ Oxygen Flow Rate: 1-5L adjustable
◆ Oxygen concentration:30%-90%
◆ Flow Accuracy:±10%
◆ Noise :           ≤45dB (A)  


- Humidifier bottle (including tube): 1set
Nasal oxygen cannula: 1set
- Headset: 1set
User manual
Infrared remote controller: 1set  

Infrared Remote Control Function.

Advanced infrared remote control function, strong anti-jamming capability and the 
remote control distance more than 3 meters.



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