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         Feb. 20 ~ 22, 2020

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3Liter Medical Grade Oxygen Machine K3BWP with O2 Purity Display

3Liter Medical Grade Oxygen Machine K3BWP with O2 Purity Display
1. PSA oxygen-generating technology.
2. 24 hours continuously providing oxygen.
3. Advanced bacteria filtering system filters out 99.99% bacteric and dust.
4. Generate oxygen fastly.The concentration will be uo to 90% within one minute.
5. Stable heat cooling system,which guarantee 24 hours continuously running. 
6. Lowest noise level will have no influence on your sleeping during night.
7. Small and lightweight,convenient for moving.
8. Work with Voltage 110V/220-240V.
9. CE,ISO13485 quality certificates.

10. Oxygen concentration displays on the LED panel.

Provide adequate oxygen for patients with COPD,Asthma,Pulmonary Fibrosis,Emphysema,Sleep Apnea etc. Oxygen therapy will improve immune system and help you live a better quality lifestyle.

 Item No. :   K3BW - Purity Display Type 
 Oxygen Flow:   0-3L/min adjustable,Continuous flow 
 Oxygen Concentration:  90-93% 
 Oxygen Pressure (Mpa):  0.04-0.06 
 Noise Level:  <45db 
 Power :  AC110/220-240V, 50/60 Hz.  
 Power Consumption:  ≤150W 
 Standard Functions: Accumulated Working Time Display; 
                                 Current Working Time.

                                 Oxygen concentration display

 Alarming System:  High&Low pressure alarm,Power failure alarm 
 Net Weight:  9.9Kgs 
 Size (mm): 44x34x28 cm

1x Nasal Oxygen Tube
1x Air Filter
1x Humidifier


The oxygen concentration can be displayed on the panel,so you can monitor the oxygen level easily.

Note: Please cut off the 2 strips befores using. the strp are used to keep the compressor stable during transportation.

Removable air filter at bottom side, very easy for replacement. 


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3Liter Medical Grade Oxygen Machine K3BW

3Liter Medical Grade Oxygen Machine K3BW
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